The photos in the Argyll book are magic!
R Bruce, Oban

I felt I just had to get in touch about your Picturing Scotland! I LOVE these books!!

Even though I live in the south of England I do my best to get up to Scotland twice a year.... in May (W coast & islands) and in the Autumn (usually mainland)....always exploring new parts of Scotland! These are my yearly adventures!!

Quite often I buy your books before I go to a certain place so that I know what to look for & what not to miss, or I bring one back with me as a souvenir!!

I have recently returned from over a month in Scotland, part of which was spent on Tiree & Coll for the first time. I was sad to discover there wasn't a Coll & Tiree book in the series!! I had an incredible time on both, but particularly on Coll! Being in May the weather was fabulous, and I came away with wonderful photos, and equally beautiful memories.

Could I please encourage you to add to the series with Coll & Tiree? The beaches are out of this world (I'm quite sure you know that!) and there is so much of interest. I don't think you would have any trouble filling your regular 90 pages!!

I look forward with anticipation to a new title.

With very best wishes from a fellow lover of Scotland, and many thanks for all the enjoyment I get from your Picturing Scotland series.
L Ashton

Note from Editor: Our Coll & Tiree book published in May just as Ms Ashton's visit was drawing to a close, so wouldn't have reached the islands in time. We have told her that it is available and how very much we too enjoyed our sojourn in those two idyllic islands. E Nutt

Just to let you know the Shetland book arrived last week. It is gorgeous and will help with our trip we are planning to Shetland next year.
D Stillion

I'm pleased to say that the book arrived yesterday. Having had a quick look it is as good as the other books in the series and the three nicely cover the area of our holiday in Scotland. Again thanks for the prompt delivery.
J Errington

I think I have managed to order without help this time. Your books give such pleasure, and your website is excellent.
Name withheld

Many thanks for receipt of the promised copy of Picturing Scotland: Lanarkshire, received yesterday. I must congratulate you on its quality – a small masterpiece of your own fine photography and apposite text. My wife and I were especially moved by the superb coverage of Upper Clydesdale, something of an undiscovered country, to which surely many more visitors will be drawn when introduced to its sweeping landscape. And we are relieved that the images do not portray our magnificent hills sullied by the regiments of the Clyde Wind Farm!
G McAllan

I liked the content and propose to send it to family abroad as a reminder of where they grew up. You may be interested to know that there is a good display of your other books in the paper shop in Ballater that I saw today.
B Cochrane

The books have just arrived, thank you. They are exactly what I have been looking for and they will certainly enhance the time we spend next year on and around the North Coast 500.
Bruce McColl, Bristol

I spent 2½ very enjoyable weeks touring your beautiful country this summer. I like to purchase small picture books as a way of remembering the experiences that I have had. I bought your Edinburgh book but missed out on your publications on Stirling, Iona, and the breathtakingly beautiful Isle of Skye. I was very glad that I good get them sent here. I found the Scottish people as lovely as the scenery.
Polly Novak, Illinois, USA

Just a few words to let you know that the books were received this morning. I'm pleased to add them to my collection and look forward to another trip to your lovely country in May/June this year.
Angelika Zapf, Germany

The photo books arrived yesterday, in good order, and the pictures are wonderful. The books are actually a birthday present for my 95 year old sister, who as a Scot loves to reminisce about the ‘Old Country’. We bought her the Fife book together with the Perthshire book for Christmas and were all thrilled with them, hence the repeat order. They are good value for money. Keep up the good work.
Ron and Barbara Hunter, Chelmsford

Thank you Colin for the 6 books as ordered. I will have much pleasure in reading them and of course they will make me want to return to beautiful Scotland again for another holiday to see the few parts of the country that I have not yet visited.
When I read the books of the areas that we did visit, our visits to Scotland are remembered with great fondness and enjoyment.
Colleen Horsefield, Queensland, Australia

The book arrived today. Can’t wait to look at it. We do so love these little books and buy them to remember all the places we go in Scotland.
Kathleen Bird, Cornwall

Just a quick note to let you know that your book has arrived on the other side of the world already! Fife, Kinross & Clackmannan. Thanks very much for your prompt attention to my order, and also for such a lovely book. I was actually born in Scotland, but I’ve been here in New Zealand since 1952 when I was a small boy emigrating with my parents.
John Russell, Christchurch, New Zealand

I received a copy of your book on Aberdeen last week, on a visit to my home town. I was struck by the beautiful photographs of Aberdeen buildings and places, which made me realise what a beautiful city it is. I ordered the copies to give to my children. Thank you.
SandyEllen King

I’d like to let you know that I received the package with your albums. I also like to thank you for the care you treated my orders with and especially for combining the two orders in one, thus decreasing my shipping cost. I’d like to use up the opportunity to share how much I enjoyed your albums. I find your photographic tours extraordinary, their beautiful pictures bring back to me the magnificent vistas of Scotland.
Rosen Chiflichki, Sofia, Bulgaria

Just home and delighted to receive your fantastic books - thank you very much for the copy of Ross & Cromarty and your kind note. I look forward to purchasing further copies and promoting them for you in 'quality destination venues' that I am in most days. After years of taking pictures of views in Scotland that were to say the least 'not very good' I now have your excellent books with most of the views very well known to me.

I really hope that your books find a much wider audience as they are of such high quality and in my opinion very collectible.
Chris Bond, Edinburgh

I must say it was a pleasure dealing with you over the years and will recommend you to everyone I can, given the opportunity.
Iain MacLeod, Lochmaddy

Just received Caledonia, it exceeds my expectations!  Thank you for producing such a great range of books, the five I have received today are going to New Zealand, Germany and family in England.
Chris Bond, Edinburgh

Hi there Eithne, thanks for sending me the sample through. I have to say I'm impressed by the quality of the product and the photographs.
James Robertson, Isle of Skye

Just to confirm that I received my order yesterday. The books are, as usual, excellent and I look forward to ordering further titles in due course.
Chris Platt, Orkney

The four books all arrived safely and are MUCH appreciated.
Lionel Holmes, Newton Abbot, Devon

Staggered delivery is probably good for the recipient who is a 96 year old. It is for my aunt who lived and walked in Aberdeenshire all her adult life and someone sent her down the Deeside one at Christmas and she has loved it, best present and wonderful for reminiscing. Such lovely photos and the size is perfect. Borders one is for Mum (92) who also walked that area over many years -would recommend them to anyone. Well done.
Deirdre Emmerson, Filey, N Yorkshire,

The book arrived today and we are delighted with it. It is a Christmas present for our elder son’s partner who is studying the habitats for animals in Tasmania. She was across in Inverness for the first time this year and loved the environment we live in. Tasmania is an amazing place with a huge diversity of flora and fauna and we are sure she will love the book. Thanks for your efficient service.
Grant McPhee, Inverness

Many thanks. The book arrived today. Can’t wait to look at it. We do so love these little books and buy them to remember all the places we go in Scotland. Thank you.
Kathleen Bird, Newquay, Cornwall

Re On a Rising Tide by Charlie Phillips:
My book arrived on Saturday morning in excellent condition. I spent the weekend reading it, then planning to visit some of the locations mentioned next year. I hope this is not the only ‘big’ book you intend to publish, I look forward eagerly for your next title.
John Briscoe, Milton Keynes

Thank you very much for the two copies of Picturing Scotland: Royal Deeside. They will be greatly enjoyed by the recipients and I feel quite homesick!
Janet Christie, Wells, Somerset

Re On a Rising Tide by Charlie Phillips:
WOW A THOUSAND TIMES WOW!!! What an incredible book. How I wished that we lived nearer to Inverness so that we could have attended the launch. I'm not surprised that it was the best attended launch ever. The photographs are just brilliant. Charlie is so gifted.

The book arrived on Saturday and somehow I managed to keep my hands off it till my hubby came home. I was very proud of myself for doing that! I'm so looking forward to reading it all!!

Many thanks to your lovely staff who were so friendly and helpful when I rang to pre-order the book as I was rather excited!! Thank you also for excellent delivery service. I hope you sell thousands of them!
Cathy Smith, Northwich

Thank you for your email - good to hear from you again following previous discussions / purchases. Orders to purchase further units to follow over coming months most likely in two batches of 10 to complete the set plus your two upcoming volumes mentioned for 2015. As you are aware we have nine of your previous publications. A Scottish family historical night during 2014 held by Berwick-Pakenham Historical Society Inc (Victoria) (we are long standing members) was most appreciative of being able to peruse your books on the night.
Graham Rose, Austrailia

...many thanks for the "Isle of Skye" book and its prompt delivery. It's a great wee book, with beautiful photographs, and evokes many memories for me. For my birthday my sister gave me your "Arran and Ayrshire" book and so one thing leads to another.....! (My sister has just moved to Lamlash, from Edinburgh!
Niall Simpson, Dorchester, Dorset

'Since speaking to you on the telephone, I went looking for your website address. This made me read the details of your company. I also read that your husband takes almost all the photographs for the books himself. He is a wonderful photographer as every picture in the books I have are excellent. Also the accompanying text is very informative. I have already purchased quite a few of the Picturing Scotland series and have enjoyed them all and look forward very much to receiving the four books I have ordered. The Picturing Scotland series is a first class collection of small books showing Scotland at its best. Not only are the photographs excellent in quality and content, the accompanying text provides a very good description of each photograph, and its history, where appropriate. All in all, an excellent series of books and very good value for money.'
Malcolm MacLeod, Inverness

'Many thanks for letter and particularly the copies of your excellent books Moray and Stirling & The Trossachs. I was delighted to receive them. The more recently published one deals, as you said, with an area nearer to my home. It is well up the high standard of the one in Moray. I believe I can fully appreciate the work that must have gone into the photographs and captions. Your efforts in the administration of Ness must be very rewarding.'
Peter Mackenzie, Linlithgow

'Thank you for the really enjoyable books in the Picturing Scotland series which I think are excellent both in photographic quality and coverage of often quite remote locations. I enjoy visiting the Shetland and Hebridean Islands which I first discovered in 1973/4. My favourite places are the Isles of Barra and Vatersay also South Uist with their beautiful beaches and quite spiritual atmosphere. I hope that you will produce further books with even more spectacular views ....... I have taken colour slides for over 40 years and have given lectures to various groups locally. This has encouraged people to go and see for themselves the beauty of Scotland. I look forward to more of your books which I can put with my own collection of photobooks taken from my slides.'
David Taylor, Nottingham

'I was in the Highlands in May (my third journey in the Scotland), and visited the west coast from Inveraray to Lochinver. I really liked landscapes and I decided to continue northward for my next journey (in 2014). That is why I have bought (on the book Caithness and Sutherland of the collection Picturing Scotland. I have appreciated this book, so I decided to complete my purchases (directly on your Web site) with books on Lochaber, Isle of Skye to illustrate what I saw last month. For the following journey (2015?), I think that I'll visit east coast of Scotland. I shall thus have the opportunity to return on your site to discover books and photos before going to really admire landscapes.'
Philippe Lozac'h, France

'As mentioned I would, I am letting you know I received the book you'd had sent. It is a lovely book. The photographer Colin Nutt, as I am sure has heard numerous times before, is quite a skilled photographer. The pictures are beautiful. One day perhaps I will get to see Scotland and take my own pictures - this book has inspired me to do so.'
Sheila Allan, Canada

'I first became aware of these books at Brodie Fayre a couple of years back whilst on holiday at Findhorn, and found them very enjoyable and good value. My wife and I have been holidaying in Moray for some nine years now, enjoying it immensely. We were unfortunate to miss our holiday last year, as we had to care for one of our dogs with a terminal heart condition. This year, we may have the opportunity of returning. Before 'finding' Moray, we spent many years staying at Boat of Garten, enjoying the sights and walks in the Cairngorms and Speyside. Once again thank you for the books, they help provide some wonderful memories with your marvellous photographs, your panoramic shot of the Lairig Ghru being a particular favourite. I shall no doubt return to purchase more of these lovely books, for self, and gifts for friends and relatives.'
Bob Heath re Inverness and Moray books

'Thank you for sending my order so promptly, I've just received it. Only had time for a quick glimpse through! The photography is excellent as usual.'
Brian Russell

'Having just visited Scotland I have returned with a collection of your little books covering the places I went. I would like more as you do them of the North Coast, Shetland and Orkney Islands, Outer Hebrides, Western Isles. So if and when you do can you let me know. Again, so very pleased and impressed with your books, hope they keep doing well!'
Neil Cox, Liverpool

'A handy pocket-sized photographic tour of the area which will be of interest to residents and visitors alike…'
Scots Magazine, November 2010

'A book of photographs stands or falls on the quality of the photographs it contains. The photographs that make up Aberdeenshire: A pictorial souvenir are excellent, and the care that has clearly gone into selecting a set which is fresh and interesting and which shows off the best that the area has to offer is impressive...'
Undiscovered Scotland (for the full review and other reviews visit the Undiscovered Scotland website)

'Books arrived and were much enjoyed. They really do portray the unique visual appeal of the area so well. I wish you and your colleagues on-going success and congratulate you on your excellent publications.'
Andrew MacKeith, Australia re: Ross and Cromarty: a Pictorial Souvenir

'I was born in Scotland and lived in Perthshire for about 25 years. At Christmas a Scottish friend sent me a copy of Perthshire: A pictorial souvenir. I was delighted with the book and have decided to send it and Lochaber to Scottish friends in the USA.'
Betsy Niessner, Germany

'...we approached the book with a fairly good knowledge of the areas it covers, and the experience of taking many photographs of our own. We were therefore slightly surprised to find ourselves being completely captivated by it, fascinated to see how someone else viewed and presented this magnificent part of the country: while all the time making mental notes of places we have missed and viewpoints we need to visit for ourselves.'
Undiscovered Scotland re: Lochaber: A pictorial souvenir (for the full review visit the Undiscovered Scotland website)

'This lovely little book ... is easy to dismiss as of interest only to visitors to Scotland, to be purchased alongside the shortbread and the whisky miniature. On closer examination it turns out to be of interest to a much wider audience because, at the risk of repetition, of the quality of the photography it contains.'
Undiscovered Scotland re: Stirling and The Trossachs: A pictorial souvenir (for the full review visit the Undiscovered Scotland website)

Stirling and The Trossachs is one of the four new additions to the attractive Pictorial Souvenir series. The aim is to provide photographs for readers who want books which offer thorough pictorial coverage at a local, detailed level...'
The Scots Magazine, September 2009

'I was delighted to see in the September Scots Magazine that you now have A pictorial souvenir of Moray. I would love to get a copy of this and would be obliged if you would let me know what the cost of postage would be to New Zealand. I have been looking for something like this for some time but it seems to be quite difficult to find much on Morayshire. I am sure it will bring back lots of memories of my child-hood there fifty-five years ago.'
Ann Smith, New Zealand

'Arrived home after a few days away and was delighted to find that my book on Moray had arrived. Had a lovely evening of nostalgia. The photography is excellent and loved the hard cover. Thought it excellent value for a hard cover book. The panoramic view of Lossiemouth was outstanding.'
Ann Smith, New Zealand

'A friend in Elgin sent me a copy of the compact and beautifully illustrated book entitled Moray: a pictorial souvenir. It arrived at a time when I was at a low ebb and it did much to revive my spirits. I cannot recall a gift that has brought me more pleasure. In my earlier days I was a keen photographer and am able to appreciate the outstanding work of Mr and Mrs Nutt and the time it must have taken them to capture such an extensive collection.'
Peter MacKenzie, Linlithgow, extract from Letter of the Week published in The Northern Scott June 2009

'...beautiful book and good value for money. Lovely to have all those views in a pocket size book easy and light to carry around. ... it will remind me of many happy holidays in Lochaber. I will be back for more in the series.'
Margaret Blaikie, Torquay re: Lochaber: A pictorial souvenir

'The book arrived safely this morning, it is a present for my parents who have visited Scotland for many years, and will enjoy looking at the lovely photographs to remind them of past holidays.'
Chris Taylor, Northwich, Cheshire re Moray: A pictorial souvenir

'Not only does the Britannia entry look good but the whole book looks fantastic.'
Jackie Elvery, The Royal Yacht Britannia re: Edinburgh: A pictorial souvenir

'It looks great. So great, in fact, that my colleagues in visitor services would like to have copies to show around to Board and other dignitaries!'
Fiona Milligan, Cairngorms National Park Authority re: The Cairngorms: A pictorial souvenir

'A lot of local people have bought them to send to family and friends abroad and we have sold as many to the locals as we have to tourists. Customers say they are a very handy size for posting.'
Susan Phillips, Aurora Bearealis, North Kessock

'A brilliant format with friendly writing, and a joy to read with excellent supporting photographs from the contributors and the publisher.'
Charlie Phillips, Wildlife Photographer

'Am happy to confirm receipt of my order for your Aberdeenshire book. Thank you! I'd also like to say that I find your Aberdeen book has filled a long-time need for such a publication.' Charles Anderson, Aberdeen

'I have recently returned from 3 weeks in Scotland walking and visiting various places. Whilst there I bought 2 of your books, The Borders and Orkney, as you can see I got about! They are lovely books and very reasonably priced. I have a walking friend in Scotland and visit most years so you will be hearing from me again as I would like to collect the books for the areas I have been to on other occasions.'
Barbara France, Dorset

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