Picturing Scotland: Shetland

Content: This book is set out in the form of a guided tour around the Shetland Isles, beginning in the south and working northwards. On the way, it takes in many islands and the more remote areas of Shetland's Mainland. The isles of Mousa, Burra, Bressay, Noss, Foula, Papa Stour, Whalsay, Yell, Fetlar, Unst and Muckle Flugga all show off their differing characters and unique charms. Along the way, many of Shetland's birds and animals make an appearance, from ponies to puffins and sheep to skuas. The book contains a total of 113 pictures.

For a list of featured locations, see below.

Price: £ 5.99 plus shipping

Market: Books in this series are bought by visitors and locals alike to give as gifts or to keep for their own enjoyment. They are also helpful to those planning a visit as the book leads the reader on a geographical tour of the area. To visitors, they are a great reminder of a visit, while local people buy them to send to friends and family to show off where they live.

Author: Colin Nutt has worked in book publishing for over 30 years and has written and compiled around 40 books in this and other series. He lives in Elgin.

Photography: Colin Nutt and other contributing photographers

Picturing Scotland:

Jacket of Picturing Scotland: Shetland

Extent: 96 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-78818-011-5
Price: £ 5.99 plus shipping

Featured locations:
Aisha Head, Papa Stour
Baltasound Bus Shelter, Unst
Baltasound, Unst
Brough Lodge, Fetlar
Brough, Whalsay
Burnt Mound, Bressay
Burra Firth, Unst
Clickimin Broch
Crofthouse Museum, Dunrossness
Da Kame, Foula
Da Sneck o da Smaallie
Da Snolda, Papa Stour
Dore Holm, Eshaness
Dury Voe
Eshaness Cliffs
Fair Isle
Fort Charlotte, Lerwick
Garda Stack, Foula
Gloup Memorial, Yell
Gon Firth
Gutcher, Yell
Hametoun, Foula
Hamna Voe, Papa Stour
Hermaness Hill
Kirstan's Hole, Papa Stour
Lang Clodie Loch Falls
Lerwick Old Harbour
Loch of Spiggie
Lodberries, Lerwick
Lund Standing Stone
Lunklet Burn Waterfall
Lunna House
Lunna Kirk
Mousa Broch
Muckle Flugga
Muckle Flugga Lighthouse
Muness Castle, Unst
Nesbister Bö;d
Ness of Hillswick
Ness of Sound, Yell
Norse Watermills, Papa Stour
Noss Boat

Olna Firth
Ord Cliffs, Bressay
Papa Stour
Papil Loch, Fetlar
Pier House, Symbister, Whalsay
Quendale Mill
Ronas Hill
Saxa Vord, Unst
Scalloway Castle
Scalloway Museum
Scatness Iron-Age Village
Shetland Bus (KNM Hitra)
Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick
St Margaret's Kirk, Melby
St Ninian's Isle
St Olaf's Church, Unst
Staneydale 'Temple'
Sumburgh Head
Tangwick Haa Museum, Eshaness
The Drongs
The Loch of Cliff, Unst
Tingwall Loch
Tresta Beach, Fetlar
Unst Boat Haven, Haroldswick
Up Helly Aa
Uyea, North Roe
Vaila Sound
Whalsay Parish Church
West Burra
Wick of Gruiting, Fetlar

Birds and animals:
Shetland Ponies
Shetland Sheep
Great Skuas (Bonxies)
Arctic Tern
Bearded Seal
Grey Seals

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