Picturing Scotland: Orkney in Wartime

Content: Orkney was a major base for the Royal Navy in both World Wars. Published to tie in with the centenaries of the Battle of Jutland and the sinking of HMS Hampshire in 1916, the book provides an account of the principal naval events, locations and legacy of the two World Wars in and around Scapa Flow. Unusually for books in the Picturing Scotland series, but necessarily for this title, the book contains a mixture of black and white archive images alongside present-day colour pictures. It also has more text than usual in order to describe the crucial events and developments that are the subject of the book. Although published to coincide with the commemorations of the centenaries of the events mentioned above, the book is not a dated product and will continue to feed into the growing interest in Orkney’s military past. The idea was suggested by Orkney people who understand this market.

For a list of main topics covered, see below.

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Market: Books in this series are bought by visitors and locals alike to give as gifts or to keep for their own enjoyment. They are also helpful to those planning a visit as the book leads the reader on a geographical tour of the area. To visitors, they are a great reminder of a visit, while local people buy them to send to friends and family to show off where they live.

Author: Colin Nutt has worked in book publishing for over 30 years and has written and compiled around 40 books in this and other series. He lives in Elgin.

Photography: Colin Nutt and other contributing photographers

Picturing Scotland:
Orkney in Wartime

Jacket of Picturing Scotland: Orkney in Wartime

Extent: 96 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-78818-010-8
Price: £ 5.99 plus shipping

Main Topics covered:
Balfour Battery
Battle of Jutland
Churchill Barriers
HMS Hampshire
HMS Royal Oak
Italian Chapel
Ness Battery
Scapa Flow

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